Pastors Groups

For a number of years CGM has supported and inspired pastors and Christian leaders through groups which meet once a quarter in Sydney.

They have a threefold purpose:

  • To provide resource for those in ministry. Our speakers provide input to help pastors and Christian leaders in their own spiritual lives and equip them to be more effective in their various ministries.
  • To provide a support base. Ministry can be exciting and fulfilling but at the same time lonely and debilitating. Having a support base of others who are walking the same ministry journey can sometimes mean the difference between enjoying or enduring our ministry role. Such a base provides the opportunity to both encourage each other in difficult and stressful times and  rejoice together in the exciting and productive times. We are committed to be encouragers of all those to whom we contribute, and our speakers are specifically asked to bear this in mind.

    Our small groups also provide the opportunity to share and pray together, with the potential to motivate prayer for each other on a regular basis in between meetings. Some members also meet over coffee to further friendship, encouragement and support between meetings.

  • To provide opportunity to network with others in ministry. The informal chatting over morning tea or lunch can be exceedingly productive in sharing together personally, hearing what others are doing in their churches and bouncing new ideas off each other and widening our view of the church at large.

You can help make these groups vital and strategic by attending regularly. Indeed, the more you participate, the greater will be the impact on your life and ministry.


End of Yr Pastors' Grp

MONDAY 24 NOV 2014


This is our last pastors’
group for the year.


See below for further details


This will be our first
pastors’ group for 2015.


Meeting at 3 Tahlee St Burwood.
Morning Tea: 10am, Meeting: 10.30am

The Burwood Group

The Burwood Group meets at 3 Tahlee St, Burwood and is attended by 30-40 pastors from a number of Christian denominations. The group meets at 10:00am on Monday morning every second month. For information about joining the Burwood Pastors Group please email Kel Willis blank row

Last Meeting Day sign

Monday 24 November 2014

Guest Speaker: ARCHIE POULOS

Morning tea commences at 10am
followed by meeting at 10.30am


3 Tahlee St, Burwood NSW ♦ (02) 97452766

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