Click here for Index of Interact ArticlesInteract is an excellent resource for all Christians. You will benefit greatly from regularly reading Interact whether you are a Pastor, church leader or a Christian committed to becoming mature in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:15). Interact will help you gain a more complete understanding of the gospel, the nature of the church, and the nature of ministry within the church. Interact is also full of practical tips and suggestions for helping your local church to stay healthy and effectively reach out to the local community. If you are serious about your growth as a Christian then Interact is for you!

Interact was published three times each year for many years up until 2014 by Christian Growth Ministries Inc. Although it is no longer being published, Interact is still relevant today and many Interact  volumes and individual articles are still available for download here on our website. We will be updating all of the Interact  volumes online in time so please check back later.

Permission to reprint articles from Interact can be sought through contacting Kel Willis, with the understanding that full recognition and acknowledgment of its source is given.

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