The Experience Trap
The Experience Trap
For both the beginner and the experienced preacher…
Author:   Kel Willis
Available formats:   Paperback or Ebook
$9.95   RRP Paperback
$4.95   RRP Ebook

About this book…

A faith that is devoid of experience becomes at best a mere intellectual exercise, unable to really change us or significantly meet the deep spiritual needs that all of us have. At worst, it becomes a legalistic master, constantly demanding what we cannot achieve and then condemning us for our failure to measure up to its requirements.

On the other hand, a faith that is dependent and focused on spiritual experiences produces in us a constant need for ‘something more’ in order to maintain the spiritual momentum of our lives. Because all experience by its very nature is transitory, an experience-centred faith results in insecurity, instability and, frequently, disillusionment.

This book examines the nature and source of some current experience-centred movements and provides a biblical foundation for determining the validity of spiritual experiences. It deals with issues such as:

  • the importance of the mind
  • the place of prophecy today
  • the problem of suffering and healing
  • the miraculous intervention of God
  • the basis for stable, satisfying Christian experience



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