Escaping Mediocrity
Escaping Mediocrity
Rediscovering life and leadership in the local church…
Author:   Kel Willis
Available formats:   Paperback or Ebook
$9.95   RRP Paperback
$4.95   RRP Ebook

About this book…

Whilst it is true that some churches are static or in decline, there are many that are vibrant and growing. When we hear of growing churches, the first thing we want to know is what kind of programs they are running. However, such churches have far more significant things in common than dynamic programs. They have been through the process of discovering and applying strategic Bible principles that enable the church to be what God intended. This book develops these principles that need to be embraced if lasting growth is to take place. The author’s desire is that those who read it will become catalysts for an escape from the mediocrity that envelops those churches which have lost the sense of who they are and why they exist as the people of God.



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