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by Kel Willis

Paperback:   $16.95

Living With YouAs Christians we believe that the gospel impacts the whole of our lives, and especially our relationships with one another, for they are at the core of what we are and do. But too often the message we proclaim is compromised and discredited by our behaviour and fractured relationships. The relational principles contained within these pages have the potential to:

  • clear objectives
  • help us become more positive about our lives
  • transform our relationships
  • increase our capacity to contribute to others
  • resolve conflict in ways that will help us grow spiritually and relationally.

The application of these principles will improve relationships across the church in general as we demonstrate with more integrity what it means to live together as God’s family. If your heart beats for healthier relationships within your church, Living with You, Living with Me is the book for you.

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by Kel Willis

Paperback:   $9.95

Clearing the CobwebsThe church is only as vital and strategic as its individual members. Fundamental to its growth is the ability of each one of us to live the Christian life. The tragedy is that many Christians struggle to understand the faith they profess to experience and find themselves asking questions like, ‘Why doesn’t my Christian life work?’ and ‘What’s wrong with the church?’

This book clearly and simply explains how the Christian life can be lived and enjoyed, and how we as God’s people can function effectively within His church. It has been widely and successfully used in small group study situations.

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by Kel Willis

Paperback:   $7.95

Preaching For ImpactThe Sunday church service, where most sermons are preached, is one of the most important public expressions of what the church is. It is the shop window whereby people who ‘just drop in’ assess our relevance to them.

One reason for falling church attendance and an increasing number of shallow, immature Christians with little real understanding of their faith is the decline in able pulpit ministry. Many people are being turned off church these days due to preaching which is bland, purposeless and irrelevant. Acknowledging the work of the Holy Spirit, the impact of any sermon upon its hearers is determined by a number of factors:

  • Clear objectives
  • Prayerful preparation
  • Interesting content
  • An attention-grabbing introduction
  • A clear outline
  • Effective illustrations
  • Professional presentation
  • A convincing conclusion

This book shows the contemporary preacher how to effectively bring these elements together in the process of sermon preparation and delivery. It will prove to be invaluable for both the experienced and novice preacher, and can be used as a teaching tool for preaching classes.

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by Kel Willis

Paperback:   $9.95

Escaping MediocrityWhilst it is true that some churches are static or in decline, there are many that are vibrant and growing. When we hear of growing churches, the first thing we want to know is what kind of programs they are running. However, such churches have far more significant things in common than dynamic programs. They have been through the process of discovering and applying strategic Bible principles that enable the church to be what God intended.

This book develops these principles that need to be embraced if lasting growth is to take place. The author’s desire is that those who read it will become catalysts for an escape from the mediocrity that envelops those churches which have lost the sense of who they are and why they exist as the people of God.

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by Kel Willis

Paperback:   $9.95

The Experience TrapA faith that is devoid of experience becomes at best a mere intellectual exercise, unable to really change us or significantly meet the deep spiritual needs that all of us have. At worst, it becomes a legalistic master, constantly demanding what we cannot achieve and then condemning us for our failure to measure up to its requirements.

On the other hand, a faith that is dependent and focused on spiritual experiences produces in us a constant need for ‘something more’ in order to maintain the spiritual momentum of our lives. Because all experience by its very nature is transitory, an experience-centred faith results in insecurity, instability and, frequently, disillusionment. This book examines the nature and source of some current experience-centred movements and provides a biblical foundation for determining the validity of spiritual experiences. It deals with issues such as:

  • the importance of the mind 
  • the influence of culture on the church’s thinking 
  • the place of prophecy today 
  • the problem of suffering and healing 
  • the miraculous intervention of God 
  • the basis for stable, satisfying Christian experience

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